Adam & Graham cover episodes of RAW since Wrestlemania, all leading up to Payback 2016.

April 18, 2021

Strixhaven Set Review PT1 || North 100 Ep118

The North 100 crew discuss White, Blue, and Red cards from the new set Strixhaven. Support LRR:[…]


April 15, 2021

Strixhaven || Punt/Counterpunt

Kathleen is back with Nelson and Wheeler as their heated debates on cardboard rectangles reach[…]


April 14, 2021

Queer as Hell Q&A || Dice Friends

Our fabulous Players, Game Manager, and Producer gather together to discuss and answer questions[…]


April 12, 2021

Strixhaven PPR Report || TTC 355

Graham, Cameron, and Nelson give you the full rundown of their experience at the Strixhaven[…]


April 07, 2021

Queer as Hell Ep3 || Dice Friends

The Phenomenal Five and Greg confront the biggest obstacle they've faced all week, and it's not[…]


April 06, 2021

Strixhaven & Misc || TTC 354

Graham, Cameron, and Nelson talk more about Strixhaven, plus the latest happenings on Arena, and[…]

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