January 25, 2018

TTC 203 - Q&A January 2018

Graham, Cameron and James are here this week to answer all your burning questions. If you'd like a chance to submit a question next time we do a Q&A episode be sure to follow @LRRMtG on Twitter.

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June 19, 2019

Dice Friends - After the Flood Ep4

Our heroes have a long conversation while walking down and then up some stairs. Support LRR:[…]


June 18, 2019

sWs Ep44 - Money in the Bank 2019

Graham & Adam try desperately to talk about all the recent, most interesting news from the world[…]


June 17, 2019

TTC 271 - Casual Chats

James, Nelson and Kathleen sit down and chat about the Mythic Championships, what to do when[…]


June 14, 2019

North 100 Ep71 - Modern Horizons: Gold & Colorless

The North 100 crew wraps up their thoughts on what is the most powerful set in Canadian Highlander[…]


June 13, 2019

The Panalysts S2E04 - A Prosthetic For Our Own Ass

Molly Lewis demands to know the answer to an age old question -- cash, grass, or ass. Support LRR:[…]


June 10, 2019

TTC 270 - Arena Chronicles & Horizons Pricing

Graham, Ben, and Nelson talk about the ongoing Arena story event, and discuss Modern Horizons[…]

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