The Town of Dry Gulch is beset by Sand Witches. Meanwhile, thirsty citizens of the town set about meeting their individual needs, and encounter the Deck of Many Things. Hijinks ensue.

June 30, 2020

Fang & Claw Ep3 || Dice Friends

Dr. Fang’s troubleshooters are sent to investigate the source of some powerful psychic energy.[…]


June 29, 2020

Dr. No (1962) || From Rewatch with Love Ep01

In our inaugural episode, Matt and Graham shake hands with Dr. No and are introduce to SPECTRE, a[…]


June 28, 2020

M21 First Impressions || TTC 322

Graham, Nelson, and Cameron chat about playing M21 at the PPR, and what they think of the set so[…]


June 26, 2020

Core 2021 Set Review - Part 1 || North 100 Ep99

The North 100 crew shares their thoughts on Core 2021. This episode they cover White, Blue, Black,[…]


June 17, 2020

Fang & Claw Ep2 || Dice Friends

a viscous baboon has gone missing under mysterious circumstances — is a radical animal rights[…]


June 15, 2020

Core 2021 Spoilers || TTC 321

Graham, Cameron, and Nelson dive into Core 2021 spoiler season. Recorded Friday June 12. Zaiem[…]

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