Our heroes boldly venture forth through the sewers and succeed in combat, but fail at getting signatures for the Unified Ravnican Sausage Standard.

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April 24, 2019

Countdown to Infinity Ep22 - Infinity War Rewatch (Endgame Hype)

With just a few days before Endgame arrives, James and Matt sit down to chat about Infinity War,[…]


April 22, 2019

TTC 263 - Crack-a-pack April 2019

Graham and Kathleen are joined by PPR guests Adam Koebel and Denis Stranjak for a round of packs[…]


April 18, 2019

sWs Ep43 - Wrestlemania 2019

Buckle up! Graham & Adam are HERE... to cover the showcase of immortals, Wrestlemania 2019![…]


April 15, 2019

TTC 262 - War of the Spark Previews Part 2

Kathleen, Cameron and Nelson sit down and take a look at all the newest War of the Spark spoilers.


April 08, 2019

TTC 261 - War of the Spark Previews Part 1

Graham, Ben and Nelson sit down and take a look at all the fresh War of the Spark spoilers.[…]


April 07, 2019

sWs Ep42 - Wrestlemania Primer 2019

Graham and Adam run down the Wrestlemania 2019 card and get you up to speed on the storylines![…]

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