The North 100 team cover the dominant archetypes of 2018, predict which archetypes will be present at events, and discuss the various strengths and weaknesses of those lists.

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Decklists (yes, there are a lot):
Paradox Academy:
Dimir Painter Vault:
4c Kiki Pod:
Pattern Rector:
4c Jace Control:
Blue Moon:
Jeskai Control:
Grixis Control:
4c Lands Midrange:
Meduim Red:
Red Deck Wins:
Gruul Aggro:
Orzhov Hatebears:
Death + Taxes:

Alex Steacy — @alexsteacy
Jeremy White — @jrhwhite
Serge Yager — @sergeyager
Benjamin Wheeler — @ bwheelermtg

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