With just a few days before Endgame arrives, James and Matt sit down to chat about Infinity War, Captain Marvel, and how chill and not at all completely excited for Endgame we are!

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August 19, 2019

TTC 280 - Judge Academy, MPL and C19

Nelson and Ben chat about a the changes to the MPL, the news regarding the Judge Academy and some[…]


August 18, 2019

Farmer Bumper's Cornhole || Qwerpline S2E01

Derek is on location for the grand opening of Father Bumper's new and improved corn maze, and the[…]


August 14, 2019

Dice Friends - Trouble in P4RA-DI5E Ep2

Episode Two: Friend Computer has an important mission for some of its most popular[…]


August 12, 2019

TTC 279 - Nelson vs Wheeler: What's the Card?

Graham hosts the ultimate battle in recalling cardboard minutia, as Nelson and Wheeler compete[…]


August 09, 2019

North 100 Ep77 - The Hot Seat

The North 100 crew take turns putting each other in The Hot Seat, questioning/roasting their[…]


August 07, 2019

Dice Friends - Trouble in P4RA-DI5E Ep1

Episode One: Friend Computer sends a new team of troubleshooters on a nice, easy assignment.[…]

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