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September 18, 2019

Dice Friends - Trouble in P4RA-DI5E Ep6

Episode Six: The team sets out to deliver a parcel. Before they go barging into places they don't[…]


September 16, 2019

Booster Breakdown & Arena Update || TTC 284

Graham, Nelson, and Cameron talk about the heck is up with booster packs, Eldraine spoilers, and[…]


September 15, 2019

Student Strike || Qwerpline S2E05

The students of Raster Heights Academy are going on strike, and Derek has been begrudgingly[…]


September 13, 2019

High Pointed Cards || North 100 Ep79

The North 100 crew cover the latest changes to the points list, and then discuss some of the[…]


September 11, 2019

Dice Friends - Trouble in P4RA-DI5E Ep5

Episode Five: Where is the team leader? What's behind the green door? How do people feel about[…]


September 09, 2019

The Wildcard Question || TTC 283

Graham, James, and Nelson talk ELD Brawl, and dive in on the recent State of the Beta, including[…]

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