This week we decide what creations biggest mistake was, and the best manner to be cursed.

August 07, 2020

How to Build a Doubling Commander Deck || TTC Mini

Ben sits down with Graham and Nelson to go over some Double Masters cards that could make a fun[…]


August 07, 2020

Top Five 2XM Reprints for Highlander || North 100 Mini

Serge and Jer run down the top five spiciest Double Masters reprints, as relevant to Canadian[…]


August 07, 2020

History of Masters Sets with Gavin Verhey || TTC Mini

Graham sits down with WotC's Gavin Verhey to run down a brief history of Masters Sets. Produced[…]


August 05, 2020

A Rasp of Sand Ep6 || Dice Friends

Dracula's Monster lives up to its name as the team sings songs, cooks food, and makes friends with[…]


August 03, 2020

Casino Royale (1967) || From Rewatch with Love Ep06

Hands-down the strangest, most haphazard licensed adaptation of a James Bond novel ever, Casino[…]


July 31, 2020

Fuzzy Foot Prisons || askLRR July 2020

You asked us questions, so Heather, Serge, and Kathleen sat down to answer them. Support LRR:[…]

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