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Dec 02, 2019

The Worst Highway in BC || Road Quest Ep7

This Episode: As the team tries to find this supposed hot spring, they must first endure The Full[…]


Nov 18, 2019

The Long Haul || Road Quest Ep5

After spending all that time in the past, the team has some serious ground to make up as they blaze a trail[…]


Oct 21, 2019

Into the Night || Road Quest Ep2

If they can even get back on the road, the hosts have to figure out where they’re going to spend the[…]


Nov 04, 2019

Ghosts Aren't Real || Road Quest Ep4

Before the team gets too far into gold-hunting, they get sent back to the 1860s, to learn about gold[…]


Oct 14, 2019

Getting Off the Island || Road Quest Ep1

The hosts find out what cars they’ll be driving, and where the Road Quest will take them... if they can[…]


Nov 25, 2019

A Lineage of Jets || Road Quest Ep6

As the team pushes further into the distant realm of northern BC, Beej has an idea and a brief detour is in[…]


Oct 28, 2019

1860s Wagon Road || Road Quest Ep3

Not to be deterred by the misfortunes of Day 1, the team makes serious headway north, following the gold[…]