Desert Bus 2010 - Matt (to an extent) and Kathleen throw down some Electric Six.

Appearing: Matt and Voltage

The Desert Bus for Hope fundraising drive is our annual charity marathon event in support of Child's Play. These are just a few of the strange things we get up to during a week-long play session of the worst video game every made.

Nov 14, 2011

DB4 - Galaxy Song

Desert Bus 2010 - Graham (with Ian on kazoo) performs Monty Python's Galaxy Song.


Nov 14, 2011

DB4 - Bright Side of Life

Desert Bus 2010 - Any Desert Bus eventually gets to a Bright Side cover.


Nov 14, 2011

DB4 - Bad Horse'd!

Desert Bus 2010 - James gets Bad Horse'd pretty solidly.


Nov 14, 2011

DB4 - Pokemon

Desert Bus 2010 - Jer wants to be the VERY best.


Nov 14, 2011

DB4 - Modern Major Dale

Desert Bus 2010 - Dale representing Gilbert and Sullivan.


Nov 08, 2011

DB4 - Dessert Bus Pie Time

Desert Bus 2010 - Graham gets pied, as per the rules of The Escapist's Dessert Bus fundraiser.

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