The boyz absolutely crush a local strongman contest. Or whatever it was.

Appearing: Graham, Paul & Brad

Graham & Paul Let's Play–or GPLP–are not your standard Let's Play videos. Meaning, they're not going to be much help if you're looking for strategy or walkthrough assistance. If you want your games given a solid ribbing however, then GPLP is for you. You may even learn something.

Feb 15, 2013

GPLP - Cursed Crusade PT24

IT ALL ENDS! Or does it?!?! (It does). Featuring bonus Kathleen!


Feb 14, 2013

GPLP - Cursed Crusade PT23

Graham and Brad come so close... SO CLOSE, to finishing it. Kathleen joins them next episode for[…]


Feb 13, 2013

GPLP - Cursed Crusade PT22

Remember that huge demon? How about three of them! However will we defeat them without some kind[…]


Feb 07, 2013

GPLP - Cursed Crusade PT21

Our "heroes" save a princess! A real princess! It goes poorly. And by poorly we mean GIANT DEMON.


Jan 30, 2013

GPLP - Cursed Crusade PT20

Denz and Esteban make a new friend!


Jan 26, 2013

GPLP - Cursed Crusade PT19

After Nightmare #3, the guys now try to escape from Constantinople.

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