Behind the green-screened scenes of Live on Location!

Editing: raymond steacy

Shooting: alex steacy

Appearing: loadingreadyrun

Ever wondered how we make all the videos we make? No? Well, Loading Time is here regardless, to take you behind the scenes of our weekly goings on. From shooting our sketches, to convention appearances and road trips, Loading Time is there! So you may as well watch it.

May 30, 2018

Loading Time Digest – April 2018

In a month interrupted by PAX, we still found time to film behind the scenes of LoadingReadyLive.


May 02, 2018

Loading Time Digest – March 2018

Go behind the scenes and watch us hunt for lost costume bits during LoadingReadyLive and film[…]


May 01, 2018

Grand Prix Seattle 2018

James and Cameron went to GP Seattle, and James filmed things!


Apr 11, 2018

Loading Time Digest – February 2018

Behind the scenes of February, featuring Friday Nights, LoadingReady LIVE and some random footage[…]


Mar 14, 2018

Loading Time Digest — January 2018

Behind the scenes of January, featuring Friday Nights, and LIVE


Jan 25, 2018

Loading Time Digest – December 2017

Behind the scenes of December (and a little November), featuring Friday Nights, LIVE, and a bit of[…]

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