May 17, 2014

A Video Conspiracy

Last month, eight people received a suspicious email inviting them to a mysterious meeting at Wizards...

Gathering together in a secure location with Graham Stark of Loading Ready Run, and some shadowy figures from the Magic brand team, they were presented with a unique opportunity.

We filmed these eight people drafting Conspiracy a full two months before the release! The excitement was only slightly diminished by the necessity of signing the Non-Disclosure Agreements in blood.

Appearing: Brian David-Marshall, Kathleen De Vere, Kenji Egashira, Toby Elliot, Nate Holt, Chris Kluwe, Marshall Sutcliffe, David Williams, graham stark

Directed by: Graham stark

Shooting: lindsey burnett, paul saunders

Editing: graham stark, kathleen de vere, raymond steacy

Music: bradley rains

Wizards of the Coast: garth avery, adam colby, matther danner, matt tabak

Associate Producer for Wizards of the Coast: Mark Purvis

Thanks to: AFK Tavern in Renton, Trick Jarrett

Produced by: Bionic Trousers Media Inc.

?2014: Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering is a game we're all big fans of, and as much as video games, it's become a part of our lives. As with most things we love, our outlet is video content.

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