February 17, 2017

Crapshots Ep419 - The Damage

I get dehydrated from all the grunting.

"0 to Comedy in 60 seconds" The Crapshots are bizarre sub-minute shorts from the minds of the LRR crew. This is where we keep all the little ideas that can't be allowed to live on their own. Crapshots are for your own protection.

Nov 15, 2022

Witch Accountant || Crapshots Ep718

It really pays to take your taxes to an expert.


Nov 08, 2022

Company Meeting || Crapshots Ep717

Great presentation but I have some notes


Nov 01, 2022

Candy Check || Crapshots Ep716

You never know what you might find in there.


Oct 25, 2022

The Moose || Crapshots Ep715

Canada's true ruler.


Oct 18, 2022

The Dealership || Crapshots Ep714

A marketing budget well spent.


Oct 11, 2022

Virtual Pet || Crapshots Ep713

It's a great responsibility.

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