In this double month of Farch (aka, February and March) we receive a very small amount of candy, books, board games, savoury snacks, and so many feels from your lovely letters.

Friendly folks keep sending us cool stuff, so we need some place to open it all and show it to you.

Oct 13, 2018

Monthly Mail Time - JulAugust 2018

It's Mail Time! Graham and Beej open packages from July and August, finding amongst them a lot of[…]


Aug 29, 2018

Monthly Mail Time - June 2018

It's time for Graham and Beej to open the mail. All of the packages are for June, and one from[…]


Jul 20, 2018

Monthly Mail Time - May 2018

Graham and Beej are back at it again. This time opening up those boxes we received over May.


Jun 03, 2018

Monthly Mail Time - April 2018

Graham's brought Beej back again for this cavalcade of delights, and so few of them candy!


Feb 28, 2018

Monthly Mail Time - January 2018

[FAKE SPIDER WARNING] Lots of candy, your wonderful letters, and what we sincerely hope is the[…]


Jan 31, 2018

Monthly Mail Time - December 2017

Lovely Christmas cards, candy from around the world, something dangerously close to a spider, and[…]

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