Stories on: Blizzard, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Home, and Atari

CheckPoint is our gaming news comedy and commentary show. It turns out that games industry news is far weirder than you might have originally thought, and LRR's not going to let it get away with that.

Feb 27, 2020

Hungry For Skins || CheckPoint 374

Stories on: Destiny 2, The International, FF7 Remake, and GameStop


Feb 13, 2020

Surprise Monsters || CheckPoint 373

Stories on: Caffeine, Pokemon ASMR, Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Citizen, and Pokemon Home


Feb 06, 2020

So Fashionable || CheckPoint 372

Stories on: Star Wars Battlefront, TemTem, and Animal Crossing New Horizons


Jan 23, 2020

Guardians of Time || CheckPoint 370

Stories on: Nintendo, XBOX Series X, Azur Lane: Crosswave, and Destiny 2.


Jan 16, 2020

All Joy, No Cons || CheckPoint 369

Stories on taekwondo, Sony @ E3, PUBG, and GameCube Switch controllers. Support LRR:[…]


Jan 02, 2020

The Y2K20 Bug || CheckPoint 368

Stories on: WWE 2K20, Pokemon GO, Uncharted Movie, and The Witcher

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