August 04, 2008

Skeletor's Dick

LRR Presents a video for this epic Bag Fries song. It will always find you.

Shooting & Editing: Graham Stark

Lighting & Grips: Paul Saunders & James Turner

Song Performed by: Bag Fries (Geoff Howe and Patrick Donison)

Lyrics & Music: Geoff Howe & Patrick Donison

Lead Vocals: Patrick Donison

Guitar & Backup Vocals: Geoff Howe

Bass & Additional Vocals: Eric Hogg

Drums: Byron Mulcaster

Song Produced by: Chris Whitman

Directed by: Graham Stark

Skeletor: Morgan vanHumbeck

LoadingReadyRun is our flagship sketch comedy series. Launched in 2003 we've produced a new, original short every week without fail. With a different style each week, there's hopefully something for everyone.

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