Stories on: Ubisoft, Crusader Kings III, Marvel's Avengers, Fall Guys, and Mario's 35th anniversary.

CheckPoint is our gaming news comedy and commentary show. It turns out that games industry news is far weirder than you might have originally thought, and LRR's not going to let it get away with that.

Sep 17, 2020

Getting Twitchy || CheckPoint 401

Stories on: US Army esports, Twitch plays Microsoft Flight Sim, Twitch, Monster Energy, and all[…]


Sep 10, 2020

SBox Xeries XS || CheckPoint 400

Stories on: Xbox, Video Game expectations, Epic v. Apple, and NFL EA sports


Aug 27, 2020

Will You Be Chosen? || CheckPoint 398

Stories on: PS5, The Witcher Monster Slayer, Facebook, Changes in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold[…]


Aug 20, 2020

Brand Royale || CheckPoint 397

Stories on: Fall Guys, Mario 35th Anniversary, Oculus, and Microsoft Flight Simulator


Aug 13, 2020

Spider Slider || CheckPoint 396

Stories on: EA, Lovestruck, Sniper Elite, and Grounded


Aug 06, 2020

Unedited Quote || CheckPoint 395

Stories on: Spider-Man in the Avengers, Amico, Frog Fractions, and the Games and Online Harassment[…]

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