Stories on: Xbox, Video Game expectations, Epic v. Apple, and NFL EA sports

CheckPoint is our gaming news comedy and commentary show. It turns out that games industry news is far weirder than you might have originally thought, and LRR's not going to let it get away with that.

Dec 02, 2021

Hey Listen! || CheckPoint 457

Stories on: The Game Awards, World Premiere tease, Dead Cells, steam, and The Grammys


Nov 25, 2021

Bobby Does Know || CheckPoint 456

Stories on: The Mario Movie, DUNE, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and so much Activision Blizzard stuff.


Nov 04, 2021

The Other Shoe Drops || CheckPoint 455

Stories on: Animal Crossing New Horizons, Ocarina of Time speedrun, Xbox shoes, and Gamecubes.[…]


Oct 28, 2021

Nintendo's Nemesis || CheckPoint 454

Stories on: Activision/Blizzard, The Financial Modeling World Cup, FarCry 6, Knuckles isn't sexy,[…]


Oct 21, 2021

Xbox Series Cold || CheckPoint 453

Stories on: Destiny 2, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Activision/Blizzard, Metroid, and Xbox Series X[…]


Oct 14, 2021

Polish that Lens || CheckPoint 452

Stories on: Sonic Advent Calendar, Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost, Malarky Update aka Apple vs[…]

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