Stories on: Sonic Dash, Blaseball, Skyward Sword, Rocket League, and Roblox.

CheckPoint is our gaming news comedy and commentary show. It turns out that games industry news is far weirder than you might have originally thought, and LRR's not going to let it get away with that.

Jun 17, 2021

Electronic Entertainment Explanation || CheckPoint 435

Stories on: E3, Metroid Dread, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, MSI GT 730


Jun 10, 2021

Hot Game Summer || CheckPoint 434

Stories on: Quantic Dream, FFVII Remake, Playdate, Ratchet and Clank, and QuickPoints!


May 27, 2021

Hot Tub Twitch Machine || CheckPoint 433

Stories on: Valve SteamPal, Monster Hunter Rise, Twitch hot tub streams, and BotW impossible[…]


May 13, 2021

Epic Benevolence || CheckPoint 431

Stories on: Train Your Dragon Minecraft DLC, Epic vs Apple, and a quick news roundup!


Apr 29, 2021

Scripulous Fingore || CheckPoint 429

Stories on: Scripulous Fingore, Google Stadia, Microsoft, and Mario


Apr 22, 2021

Gamestonks || CheckPoint 428

Stories on: Ubisoft, PowerWash Simulator, GameStop, Tamagotchi, Fortnite and some QuickPoints!

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