Stories on: MultiVersus, Sims 4, Grand Theft Auto Online, and Nier Automata

CheckPoint is our gaming news comedy and commentary show. It turns out that games industry news is far weirder than you might have originally thought, and LRR's not going to let it get away with that.

Aug 11, 2022

DeJa Vu Zone || CheckPoint 482

Stories on: Splatoon 3, Super Punch-Out, Sonic in Fall Guys, and Our Machinery


Aug 04, 2022

Bread Puppy || CheckPoint 481

Stories on: Diablo Immortal, PS5 Accolades, mobile profits, Mega Drive Mini 2, and Pokemon


Jul 21, 2022

There is No Escape || CheckPoint 479

Stories on: Too hot outside, Destiny 2, Hades merch, Minecraft and NFTs.


Jul 14, 2022

Brace for Third Webpact || CheckPoint 478

Stories on: June still happened, Sonic, GameStop, Kirby, Polium, and Bayonetta 3


Jun 02, 2022

CheckPoint June Announcement

A quick note from Graham and Beej about CheckPoint over June


May 20, 2022

True Core Gaming || CheckPoint 477

Stories on: Sonic content on YT, Square Enix, Nvidia, and Take Two Interactive

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