To be safe, you should probably just avoid horror movies all together.

Appearing: bill watt, morgan vanhumbeck, lissette arevalo, paul saunders, kathleen de vere, graham stark

Shooting: graham

Editing: graham

LoadingReadyRun is our flagship sketch comedy series. Launched in 2003 we've produced a new, original short every week without fail. With a different style each week, there's hopefully something for everyone.

Feb 25, 2020

Real Life Mario Kart Vancouver

We try to run the Mario Kart Tour "Vancouver Velocity" track, in real life... at least, everywhere[…]


Feb 23, 2020

HORF! || LoadingReadyLIVE Ep60

Segments: Blank Space, Dead Bodies, Family Food


Feb 15, 2020

LRR Twitch Stream Highlights 2020-02-13

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Feb 01, 2020

LRR Twitch Stream Highlights 2020-01-30

Check out the streams at:


Feb 01, 2020

I Can't Believe It's Butter Sculpting

Ian, Adam, and Matt take on the challenge of butter sculpting furniture from around the Moonbase.


Jan 26, 2020

Cursed Lipids || LoadingReadyLIVE Ep59

Segments: Q(uiz) Continuum, PowerPoint Karaoke, I Can't Believe it's Butter Sculpting, and Oil[…]

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