Summer Vacation Season
August 22nd, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

Hey all, we hope you’ve been enjoying LoadingReadyLive, our bi-weekly live variety show. We’ve all been really enjoying making it, but not enjoying it so much that we won’t take a break.

Last week four of us took the Saturday off (there was a wedding, and some family commitments) leaving a much smaller, but much more Wiggins-y crew to put together the episode. I think it turned out great. If you haven’t seen it, check it out! Fittingly, the episode is called Understaffed.

But you know what hasn’t taken a week off? Feed Dump. This week Cameron has some helpful extremely bad suggestions for ending neighbourhood feuds.

This week’s episode of the Graham and Kathleen in Japan vlog takes us to Ueno Zoo! It was very, very hot that day, so we cooled off by paddling around in the famous Ueno park swan boats. Spoiler, the swan neck does somewhat obscure your view from the boat, but it’s worth it because you’re in a swan boat!

This week on Tap Tap Concede, Cameron and Alex weigh in on the newest Planeswalker, Kaya, Ghost Assassin and tell us about new Highlander brew tips.

And finally in video game news, Blizzard has figured out the perfect way to troll trolls. GG Blizzard. Oh also there is a new Pokémon and it is made of nightmares.

LoadingReadyRun Streams Schedule
August 16th, 2016

Posted by james

lrr streams-02

Due to James’ absence this past weekend no stream preview trailer was made, and for that he is eternally apologetic.

But no fear. Here’s a quick run down of what you can expect to see over the next few days at

Wednesday August 17th
2:00 PM Pacific – Let’s Nope
Join Alex as he plays We Happy Few
6:00 PM Pacific – Crossing the Streams
Beej and Alex continue to do their best to not starve… together. Don’t Starve Together.

Thursday August 18th
10:30 AM Pacific – 18 Games & Counting
Join James and Paul as they tackle whatever game is 18th most watched as of 9:00AM Thursday morning.
2:00 PM Pacific – LRRMtG
Graham and James play Magic! This week we continue our adventures with Eldritch Moon Drafts and Sealed League.
6:00PM Pacific – Talking Simulator
Alex and Cameron will be playing and discussing the indie game classic Journey.

Friday August 19th
6:00PM Pacific – AFK
This week for AFK join the crew for a couple quick party games. Exploding Kittens and Jungle Speed are on the schedule, but if we breeze through those we’ll add some additional games.

Summertime Dumps and Vlogs, oh my!
August 15th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

If your summer has been anything like our summer, it’s been hot. Almost too hot. At least too hot for us weak, mild weather loving Canadians. I’ll keep today’s update short so you don’t have to tax yourself too much in the hot weather.

Do you dream of going on a summer vacation? How about going to a place that’s even hotter than where you are now? Japan is very hot in the summer. It’s day 11 of Graham’s Japan vlog series — we hit Akihabara and eat honey toast, which was VERY trendy last summer in Japan. It was also really good. You can make it at home, but it’s a huge pain in the butt.

Speaking of Graham and vlogs, the arms race is on between James and Graham, and Graham has won this round by putting up another update! Follow Graham and I as we explore aged hippie heaven, Salt Spring Island.

Feed Dump this week could have had a lot of titles, but really “Beej, no” ecapsulates so much of what I wanted to say. Beej is a delight on Feed Dump, really.

And finally, CheckPoint weighs in on the year’s chillest game, No Man’s Sky.

Hot, Wet, Canadian Summer
August 8th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

It’s August in Canada, which means it’s summertime! And that means it’s warm and pleasant, and it’s time to play organized sports!

However, here at LoadingReadyRun HQ, disorganized sports are more our speed, so we put together our own “Summer Games” and packed them with the least organized “sports” we could think of!  Then we turned them into a whole special episode of LoadingReadyLive! Witness the majesty of our athleticism. Or laugh when we fall over. Your call.

In an almost unprecedented show of timeliness, the July 2016 Loading Time Digest is also done, so if you want a behind the scenes look at everything we did (and a look at our sweet new LT rig), check it out.

Sidewalk Slam is also totally caught up on July 2016 — well, totally caught up on all the July episodes of Raw. Graham points out that he and Adam have yet to talk about Battleground, which means they’re not technically done with July content, but that ruins my segway between talking about these two videos, so I guess there’s no reason for any of this. Maybe I’ll just link to Sidewalk Slam now.

Changing topics, this week on Tap Tap Concede, Cameron, Graham and I weigh in on the flavour of Eldritch Moon, and spoiler, there’s a lot of it!

Feed Dump chronicles the exploits of several residents of Florida this week, but unlike most episodes of Feed Dump, we talk about a Florida man who didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t worry though, we immediately follow up with a story about two people who were REAL stoned.

The adventures of Graham and Kathleen in Japan continue with Episode 10 – Get to Tokyo. Because what would a trip to Japan be like without a trip to Tokyo? And what would a trip to Tokyo be like without a trip to Snoopytown? And what would a trip to Snoopytown be like without buying at least $50 worth of stuff? Madness, all of it.

And finally, before you head out to the beach, don’t you want to know what’s going on in your town? This man who presumably has a name is here to tell you all about it! Stay warm!

The 8th Month
August 2nd, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

It’s the beginning of August, and for most people in Canada, that means it was [CIVIC HOLIDAY]! I’m sure everyone had a great time this [CIVIC HOLIDAY], hanging out with their friends and family, trading [CIVIC HOLIDAY] gifts, drinking [CIVIC HOLIDAY] nog, and even dancing around the [CIVIC HOLIDAY POLE].*

Of course, if it wasn’t a holiday weekend where you are, you still have plenty of reason to celebrate — all these videos!

This week on CheckPoint, we discuss Pokémon Go, Bioware, and a heartwarming piece of news about No Man’s Sky.

We also hopped onto the Pokemon Go bandwagon with this Crapshot, featuring our favourite new character Area Man!

Graham and I continue our adventures through Japan with the Day 9 edition, Let Us Showa This Museum. We see the local sights of Takayama, the quaintest town possibly ever.

Speaking of blog news, James decided he didn’t want to let Graham have all the blog fun, and has put up his own JVLOG about a recent trip to the beach.

AND FINALLY, if you’re still looking for stuff to watch, Graham has just re-uploaded the original first season of Commodore Hustle to our YouTube channel. If you missed the first run in 2008 (HOLY CRAP THESE CAME OUT EIGHT YEARS AGO) you should really watch them again — using this handy playlist that starts on episode one!

*[CIVIC HOLIDAY] offer not valid in Quebec.