Rejected ENN – Feb 24, 2009
February 24th, 2010

Posted by Jeremy

Every week, Paul, Graham, Kathleen and I get together to write ENN. Over the week, each of us actually writes stories separately, then we get together on Fridays to choose what to use, what to revise, etc. Sometimes the stories we throw out aren’t very good; other times, they are too obscure for a wider audience. Even so, sometimes very good stories have to be thrown out because there is just not enough space for them in the episode. Here are two of those stories for this week’s episode, along with some of my favourite art because I can:

PikMEN (cut for space; possibly too obvious)

At a recent symposium, Shigeru Miyamoto’s noted, that the design goal of Pikmin was to be appealing to teenaged girls. He noted character design as a focus for this initiative. [shot of a Pikimin looking like a dong]

SRSBZNSSKTHXBYE (cut for space; possibly too obvious)

Game Developer Zynga is buying Serious Business, developers of the Facebook game “friends for sale”. Analysts have stated that this transaction demonstrates that social gaming on platforms like Facebook, has in fact, reached the level of “serious business.”

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  1. I really like the serious business one, but I agree with cutting the pikmin one.

    Comment by Dylan — February 24, 2010 @ 8:10 pm

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