A New Challenger has appeared!
March 20th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone!

Do you like James? Do you like Adam? Do you like James and Adam demonstrating why they are best friends by being supportive and caring? Would you prefer it if James tried to help Adam, but ended up laughing at him a bunch?

Well, you might like our new LRRPlay series, SpeedrunOneWord. Adam is pretty good at video games, but is he world record good? In this new series, James puts Adam through his speedrunning paces. Every episode, James selects a world-record speedrun, and gives Adam twice that time to complete the game. The first episode is Portal!

In other exciting news, did you watch the newest episode of Commodore Hustle? It’s back! It’s shorter, but in a good way! We think you’ll like it.

Speaking of returns, LoadingReadyLive is back! After the usual two week break. It’s not… momentous or anything. But I’m back this episode. So that’s something.

And finally this week on CheckPoint, we cover a tale of EVE Online revenge, a Blizzard lawsuit, the Floigan Bros, MLB The Show, and Persona 5’s Amazon problem.

We found a thing! And made several other things!
March 16th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone,

It’s the middle of March, so that means it’s a perfect time to put up… the January Loading Time. Whoops. We… uh, misplaced it.

But fortunately, while the LT was late coming, the Crapshots have been… shooting out? (get better metaphor – ed)  at the appropriate rate of two a week! Here’s the most recent one!

And if you like Crapshots, you’ll really want to check out The Crapshoot, our weekly Twitch stream where we write, film, edit and upload a Crapshot all at once! Every Friday, 1:00 pm PDST! Here’s the product of our most recent stream:

Feed Dump happened again as well. This episode is called Lent and Feelings, and if you can believe it, the weirdest part is still yet to come. So look forward to the next LoadingReadyLive to see the Extra Push we shot in this session.

We also just put up a new YouTube update, in case you’re wondering what is coming up on the horizon soon!

And finally if you haven’t seen it yet, we worked with very cool people Samurai Punk to make a live action teaser for their next game, The American Dream. Check it out!

Hello! Enjoy these videos!
March 6th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hi everyone!

We put out a lot of videos! Here are the videos we put out this week, the week the Nintendo Switch came out.

1. We went on location to a midnight launch for the Nintendo Switch!

2. We made an unrelated Crapshot about a switch.

3. 20% of the stories in this week’s CheckPoint were dedicated to the Switch.

4. This week’s Tap Tap Concede is a recap of GP Vancouver and has nothing to do whatsoever with Nintendo products.

5. Serge and Ben show up for a revealing Feed Dump where we discuss OTPs and shipping, but not the Nintendo Switch.

6. And we made at least a couple of references to the Switch on the most recent episode of LoadingReadyLive!

10 New Videos!
March 1st, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! After a couple of slow weeks, we’ve put up a metric bus tonne (that’s 1.2 imperial bus tons) of content! So without further ado, please allow me to link you to 10 Things I Hate About You that you will want to watch!

First, a new Qwerpline! Someone calls in, Richter makes A-Train mad, and the Richard Therpston statue gets an update.

On Feed Dump this week, we make fun of a Toronto Man trying to get famous on YouTube…

There’s a new episode of the GVLOG! This time in San Antonio Texas, covering PAX South and Graham and Adam’s going to the Wrestlemans events!

Speaking of Wrestlemens, there’s a new episode of Sidewalk Slam this week too! Adam and Graham discuss Elimination Chamber 2017!

Also in podcast news, we had a special guest come in for Tap Tap Concede! It was the The Command Zone’s own Jimmy Wong, talking about all the new Commander fodder from Aether Revolt.

Also filed under Magic: The Gathering, we got a spoiler for Modern Masters 2017! It’s… not good.

We produced a resplendent Crapshot this week on the Crapshoot (remember, watch live on Twitch every Friday at 1:00 pm PST!)

On CheckPoint this week we talk about the Switch, Twitch Drops, and some “pretty good banging” in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

We also just put up a new episode of Mail time! Join us for the unboxing of the second half of January’s goodies!

And finally… last but not least: A NEW COMMODORE HUSTLE!!

A Scary Update!
February 20th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Well, it’s not really scary. But Alex is continuing to play through Resident Evil 7, but now joined by Ben — who in the tradition of all the best Let’s Nope co-hosts scares easily — so we’ve put together another highlight reel of their time with the game. So if you’re curious about what happens in the game, like frightening things, or just want to see Ben get real scared, you’ll probably absolutely enjoy this.

In other LRR news, it was a LoadingReadyLive week! This week a bunch of us were away, but Beej, Ian, Cori, Heather, Alex and Paul all got up to no good.

We also put up this crapshot. As a reminder, the Crapshoot returns next week!

And finally, there’s a new Tap Tap Concede! James, Cam and Alex A your Qs.