Road Quest // The Panalysts HYPE!
May 12th, 2018

Posted by james

Hello friends

Coming at you with an update on a couple brand new projects we hope you have already heard of, but we’re EXTREMELY excited for both and thus want to make sure everyone knows about them.

First up let’s chat about Road Quest. This is a big one, possibly the biggest project we’ve ever take on. The scope is so large in fact we shot a proper proof of concept/pilot/tech test last month. I’ll let the video do some talking as well but here are the main points.

  • We leave on May 22nd for 10 days. Each day will be turned into a single episode, which we hope to start airing later this year.
  • We have a crew of 10. 6 Drivers divided across three cars, and 4 crew in the production vehicle.
  • No, I don’t know where we’re going… that’s one of the fun hooks of the show 😛
  • Yes you can support us! Head over to the Road Quest landing page on the site to get find a PayPal link and info on the two tiers you can choose to support us at.
  • Paul, Kathleen, Cameron, Heather and Cori will be holding down the fort back home and we are doing our best to keep our upload/stream schedule on track for while we’re away. Be sure to check out the Twitch Event Page in the next couple days to see what the plan is.

Lots more info can be found in the following video, we’d love for you to take the time to check it out.

Ok. That’s Road Quest. Now let’s chat about The Panalysts.

A few months back we decided to retire our weekly show Feed Dump. Many of you were sad to see it go, but we always knew it would live again in a new form.

First a little history. In October of 2006 Graham and Morgan launched a little show called The Whatever Thing. It was a fun show that lasted about a year, wrapping up in November of 2007. From the ashes of The Whatever Thing rose The Phailhaus. This show, while a fan favorite, wasn’t ever able to find it’s stride as a proper weekly show. Between February 2008 and March 2011 we aired 32 episodes, it would have been 33 but episode 29 was lost to the ether. Then, a short 2 months later Feed Dump was born. Originally hosted by Graham and then later taken over by Kathleen Feed Dump was the culmination of the shows that came before. Running for an incredible 7 years and 336 episodes this past February we decided to retire the show in order to bring something new into this world.

Enter The Panalysts. Our brand new weekly panel show. Influenced by our collective love for UK Panel/Quiz shows and hosted by Kathleen and a rotating cast of guests, join us every week as Kathleen asks the hard hitting questions everyone needs the answers to. As of this blog post we have released 3 episodes and we would LOVE for you to check it out. Bellow is the first episode but click here to be taken straight to the YouTube playlist.


PAX East & GP Seattle
April 3rd, 2018

Posted by james

Blog/Patreon Post April 3rd, 2018

Greetings one and all and welcome to the weekly update. It’s like the weekend update on SNL, but not at all. I’m here this week with some news of our upcoming adventures to both PAX East and GP Seattle this weekend. For those of you who this doesn’t apply to, feel free to ignore this update and join me here next week when I’m back to telling you about the stuff we’ve been doing and the stuff we have done 😀

First up, PAX East.

Graham, Adam, Heather and Beej will be making their way to beautiful Boston, MA for this weekends annual gathering of the PAX. Let us run down all the ways you can interact and be entertained by those wonderful people.

Bandland Booth – As is tradition, you can find some combination of the 4 folks attending at our table in Bandland throughout the weekend. We tend to keep show floor hours so head over there between 10AM-6PM to have your chance to say hi, get some stuff signed or purchase some of our merch. Unfortunately we don’t have a new Pinny-Arcade pin for this show, but we will have a great selection of most of our previous pins.

And beyond that we have a whole bunch of panels you can find us at.


Jackbox Party PAX (w/ Graham & Beej)
6:30PM-7:30PM @ Albatross Theatre
Streaming at

LoadingReadyRun Panel (w/ Graham, Adam, Beej and Heather)
7:30PM-8:30PM @ Dragonfly Theater
Streaming at


The Truth about Streaming, From the Streamers Themselves (w/ Graham)
11:30AM-12:30PM @ Bumblebee Theater

Blankity Blank (w/ Graham)
9:00PM-10:00PM @ Bumblebee Theater


10 Things They Don’t Tell you About Being a Variety Streamer (w/ Graham & Beej)
12:30PM-1:00PM @ Twitch Booth

And that should just about do it for PAX East. Make sure you say hi if you happen to run into us around the show floor. Trust us when we say we love meeting people from the community.

Now. GP Seattle!

Both James and Cameron will be down in Seattle this weekend for the GP. Neither of us have any plans to play in the main event so we’ll be bumming around the convention center all weekend just playing in side events and some of the scheduled Spellslinging and Bounty events.

You will find Cameron Spellslinging on both Friday & Sunday from 12:00PM-4:00PM and at the Bounty event on Friday at 5:00PM

Meanwhile you can find James in the Bounty event on Friday at 5:00PM and Spellslinging alongside Cameron Sunday from 12:00PM-4:00PM.

I believe you can find both of us at the VIP party on Friday evening which you can gain access to by picking up the Diamond VIP package at the registration site.

A few community members have also organized a LRR meetup on Saturday. The plan is at 3PM to meet at the registration area, find some space to either fire a draft(s) or play some Brawl and then grab dinner.

As mentioned above with PAX East, make sure if you see either of us wandering the hall or the mean streets of downtown Seattle feel free to say hi.


And that should just about do it. I hope everyone who attends either of these events this weekend has a great time and we look forward to seeing you all there. And for anyone not able to join us in either Boston or Seattle I suggest kicking your feet up and taking it easy, you work hard.

March 6th, 2018

Posted by james

Knock Knock open up the door, its the blog post.

Hello friends and welcome back for another installment of the weekly LoadingReadyRun blog post. And lets just jump into it.

Do you like YouTube videos? I hope so, that’s kind of our jam around these parts. First up we have the January edition of Mail Time. Lots of candy, your wonderful letters, and what we sincerely hope is the conclusion of a long running joke.

Next up we have the return of an oooooooold series, G-Drafts. Graham goes over a Rivals of Ixalan draft league, featuring some touch-and-go games, and the overwhelming power of vampires. I don’t believe you should come to expect these on a regular basis, but hey, you never know.

And let’s wrap up the video portion of today’s update with some good old Crapshots.

This past Saturday was LoadingReadyLAN 2.0 and we had an absolute blast! We played games for almost 13 hours. We at pizza and drank beer. We blew a fuse. Some games worked and others not so much, and we learned that under the current tech setup 6 PC’s might be a bit much. But most importantly everyone involved (viewers and players alike) had fun. So needless to say expect LoadingReadyLAN 3.0 to happen, and ideally later this year. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions feel free to hit us up on Twitter @LoadingReadyRun. For now you can look forward to our 3rd annual Tabletop Day stream which is scheduled for April 28th. Time TBA.

That’ll do it for this week. Everyone be kind to each other and we’ll catch you on the flippy flop.


*Tap Tap Tap* Is this thing on?
February 27th, 2018

Posted by james

Hello and welcome fellow humans to this weeks blog post.

Let’s kick things off with some good old fashion videos.

This last Saturday was LoadingReadyLIVE and with that means a brand new episode of commodoreHUSTLE. I won’t lie, at one point there was talk of driving up to Mt Washington and trying to film a segment for the show there, but it just wasn’t in the cards. So we decided instead to take the idea of silly winter sports and tie it into the cH universe. We all think it came together really well. And you’ll wanna keep your eye open for the February LT later next month, lots of fun outtakes of Beej and his pie.

Let’s talk about Crapshots shall we? I have a couple great episodes to share with you, but first The Crapshot Bracket. 

Hey everyone. It’s Rytel, the fan behind LRR Without Context, with a new LRR-related fan project. Inspired by The Magic Bracket, a single-elimination tournament bracket containing (at time of creation) every Magic: the Gathering card ever printed, The Crapshot Bracket will commemorate LRR’s achievement of producing 500+ mini-sketches by pitting the first 512 of them against each other in poll-based combat. Whoever wins the poll moves on until only the champion remains. 

That is from the Intro/FAQ post that you will find at The Crapshot Bracket Website. We discovered this ourselves this past week and made sure to include it in our most recent episode of LRL. Wanted to make sure as many folks know about it as possible. To note – This is a fan run website, we have no involvement in the event. However we are just as keen to see which episode comes out on top as we’re sure you all are. With that said, you know what you won’t find in any of those match ups? The most recent couple episodes 😀

Next up, LoadingReadyLAN 2.0 is this coming Saturday and we are all SUPER excited for some good old fashion Local Area Network shenanigans. We’re working out exactly what games we’ll be playing soon. So keep your eyes out on our Twitter account for that info. 

I’ll close out this post with some really quick info about PAX East and GP Seattle. Both of these events are coming up in just over a month, the weekend of April 10-11th to be exact. At PAX East you’ll find Graham, Beej and Adam (along with a yet to be decided 4th crew member) and as for GP Seattle, James is going to do his best to make it down there for the weekend to play some Magical Cards. As we get closer to those events we’ll have more information to share.

And that should just about do it for this weeks blog post. Go forth and be kind to people, it’s really easy and makes the world a better place. BYEEEEE!

The Easiest part is the Post Title
February 13th, 2018

Posted by james

Let’s start this week off with an apology and then me getting angry shall we. I missed a few weeks there and that’s on me. Then I did up a great post last week, hit publish and thought “Great, back on track with a legit AF blog post”

Where did it go WordPress? WHERE DID IT GO!?

Oh well, let’s try again shall we. One thing I want to make sure everyone who enjoys and watches our content see’s is this YouTube update from a week and a half ago. There is a bunch of really solid information and announcements in there and you should 100% go and watch it.

So, having now watched that let’s lead off this week with the final Feed Dump. Episode 420 – Dank in Peace

Everyone here has loved and contributed to this show over the past 7 years, but you can’t just keep doing something for the sake of doing it. We have plans, BIG plans for the future of this format and we are incredibly excited to get working on them very soon (In fact, this evening February 13th) we are starting work on getting both the tech and format of the show worked out. No firm release date yet, still a whole bunch of unknowns for us, but it’ll be soon.

Let’s follow that up with something that isn’t going anywhere, The Crapshot.

Crapshot Ep513 – The Fundraising was a product of The Crapshoot. Our weekly Twitch streamed show where we write, film and edit Crapshots live with you. As mentioned in the YouTube update we have tweaked the format for that show ever so slightly, which should help us keep up to date with our twice a week schedule for that series. 

Next up let’s talk commodoreHUSTLE! We have rolled this fan favorite show into LoadingReadyLIVE! Our live variety show, streamed every other week on Saturday at 6PM Pacific. This will result in WAY more commodoreHUSTLE throughout the year. To put some numbers behind this, in the first quarter of last year (January-March 2017) we released 2 episodes. This year, in the same amount of time (and assuming nothing goes horribly wrong) we’ll have released 5. We should be on pace to release 15-20 episodes of Hustle in 2018. So with that said here are the first two episodes under the new system.

And let’s close off this weeks post chatting about Dungeons and Dragons. We are 5 episodes into our new series, Dice Friends. The response has been incredible and we’re so happy to be playing Table Top RPG’s in the office again. The current campaign is Escape from Semolo Plateau featuring Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Beej and our good friend Dale as GM and that will continue for several more weeks to come. If you need to catch up head over here for the YouTube Playlist or find it in podcast form wherever you get your pods from.

And that’ll just about do it for this week. If you’re looking to join our ever growing Discord community click here and if you wanna peep what’s coming up on our Twitch Channel, head over to the Event Page. Thanks for being you, you’re awesome. See you next week.