Moving Week!
August 8th, 2017

Posted by james

Greetings to one and all. Today marks the first day of the last week we are here at Moonbase Delta. So many emotions. Sad to be leaving this space behind, incredibly excited about our new space. But most importantly SO. FREAKING. BUSY! We spent this past Saturday putting a huge dent in the great packining, but there’s a whole lot more to be done. We’re going to do our best to make sure our schedule isn’t to mucked up over the next couple weeks. We’ll be streaming up until this coming Friday with a writing Crapshoot in the afternoon and Adam is going to take the normal AFK slot for the Gamehaus. Then we’ll be offline from Saturday-Tuesday, with the hope that we’ll be back Wednesday morning with the regularly scheduled streams. We also closed up the donation drive on Saturday for new Moonbase improvements. We are in a constant state of amazement when it comes to this communities generosity, and this was no different. Thanks to your incredible support the new Moonbase is going to be everything we’ve be dreaming of and then some. Thank you.

Now, let’s get going with some videos from the past week.

In an effort to slowly make sure all our old videos are on YouTube we’ve got an oldie but a goodie. Fear Itself [Originally Aired July 2012]

This week on Feed Dump, a big wreck, a game gone wrong and a bold escape.

CheckPoint covers stories on Itagaki Street, PUBG’s new skirt, Skyrim AI, Splatoon 2 mayonnaise, and Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar.

As for Crapshots we have Kathleen and Cameron covering lesser known music genres and whatever the hell happened during last weeks Crapshoot.


It’s very warm.
August 1st, 2017

Posted by james

Hello and welcome to the weekly LoadingReadyRun blog update. Please see below for today’s schedule.

NOW: This Intro
AFTER: New Moonbase/Move Update
AFTER THAT: The Videos

Let’s talk about the new Moonbase. Nothing to tell you yet about a new location but we are actively working on it. In the mean time you may have noticed this weekend we have cancelled LoadingReadyLIVE! That’s because we need to start purging and packing. We’re going to do our best over the coming weeks/month to not let this move disrupt our content schedule. For some things that will be easier than others. So stick tight, be patient with us, and I promise we’ll come out the other side stronger than ever before.

Now, let’s talk videos.

Let’s kick us off with a brand new episode of Running Start. This week Paul and Graham check out NieR Automata.

This week on Feed Dump, a creative cook, a mysterious car, and a clear-cut case of nominative determinism.

CheckPoint has stories on the SNES Classic, Pokémon GO Fest, Hey! Pikmin, and The Gamer Gauntlet.

And of course the Crapshots. We’ve got Krog and Torg + Graham takes a personality test.

That’ll do it for this week. Peace y’all!

Only 153 Days Until Chirstmas!
July 25th, 2017

Posted by james

Greetings all and welcome to this, the weekly LoadingReadyRun Blog update post, and what a week it has been. As usual I’ve got a bunch of great videos to share with you but let’s get things started off with the big news from the week. WE’RE MOVING! Watch this and then join me below the embedded video.

Hi. So yah, this is a thing that is really happening. I don’t think I have anything to add that Graham didn’t cover in that video with the exception of two things.

  1. Holy hell! You’re reaction and unbelievable generosity thus far will go a LONG way to making this transition as painless as possible for us. Thank you so, so much.
  2. We’re going to leave the fundraiser open until August 5th. Feel free to head to our donation page to help with the move.

Now, let’s get to the videos from this past week.

First up it’s the latest episode of LoadingReadyLIVE! For anyone who doesn’t know, LRL is our twice monthly comedic variety show we live stream on Twitch TV [Click here to go directly to our Twitch Channel]

This week on Feed Dump, we cross a line. Several lines really. Also stories about people who can’t dance, can’t keep their cool, and can’t find their contact lenses.

Next up we have the Summer Episode of AnoAni, our quarterly recap Anime podcast with Cori, Ian, Heather and Beej.

And finally our double dose of The Crapshot.

And that will do it. Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week and we’ll see you next Tuesday where the part of James the Blog updater will be played by 4 ducks in a trench coat. Can you tell the difference? Come back to find out.

Blog Blog Blog All Day Long
July 18th, 2017

Posted by james

Hello and welcome to the weekly LoadingReadyRun Blog Update Spectacular! Let me lay this out for you. I’m going to link all the videos we’ve made in the past week and you will decide whether or not you’ll watch them. Got it? GREAT!


First up we’ve got the 10th installment of Running Start. This week Graham and Paul play some Battle for the Sun.

Next up Feed Dump Episode 311 (That’s the name of a band I use to listen to)

The Loading Time Digest for June is here and it’s a really great episode.

And of course it wouldn’t be a week without a double dose of Crapshots!

Of course we have some other great videos over on our YouTube Channel, so head over there and get subscribed!

Blog post or: How I typed into a text box on the internet.
July 11th, 2017

Posted by james

Greetings beautiful humans, today is the most important day of the whole year. That’s right, it’s free Slurpee day at your local 7/11. So journey forth to your nearest 7/11 location and get you a unsatisfyingly small Slurpee. For our readers outside North America, throw some ice cubes into your blender and add some food colouring and sugar, it’ll be close enough. Now that we have the Slurpee business out of the way we can move on to our videos.

First up we have the highly anticipated (and hugely delayed) second episode of SpeedrunOneWord.

Next up we have the 26th episode of Qwerpline. This week we have an in-studio interview with Ball Hinkley, Richter’s new flight, on-location arts reporting, and Derek interviews Bertha Burpwinter.

Of course it wouldn’t be a weekly blog post update without Feed Dump!

Graham opens an absolute crap ton of stuff on June’s episode of Mail Time.

Kathleen was out of town, so this week Beej steps in to co-host CheckPoint with Graham this week.

And finally we’ve got a double dose of the crap for you.