Discount Deities
February 14th, 2011

Posted by Matt

D’y’all ever find yerselves in need a’ some laughs, but a little short on funds? Well, git on over to The Escapist, ‘cuz we’re servin’ ’em up at steeply discounted prices!

This was a tremendously fun video to shoot, and not just because it was straightforward and quick. Things started off well when Graham and Kathleen proceeded to buy out the entire Snuggie supply of a local store and got questioned as to why they would be doiong something so ridiculous by a passerby. We also had both Bill and Morgan on set for the shooting of this bit, which is a rare event, but always enjoyed. Hilariously, Morgan had barely slept the night before shooting, and so most of his time (on and off camera) was actually spent napping. In retrospect, I suppose we didn’t really get to interact with him much as a result.

Unskippable this week was Dead Rising 2: Part 2. Check it out here.

Also, finally, a reminder that there will be no ENN this week (or in any future weeks), owing to the fact that it is being discontinued. You’ll find details in our blog post here.