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Mar 17, 2015

CheckPoint 181 - Cities Fighting Pirates

Stories on Cities: Skylines, Upsilon Circuit, Star Citizen, Elder Scrolls Online, and Paula Deen: Recipe[…]


Feb 23, 2015

CheckPoint 179 - Mars Needs Writers

Stories on Doom, the Apple Store, Destiny, and Bethesda.


Feb 02, 2015

CheckPoint 178 - Nintendo Wants that YouTube Dollar

Stories on an Ikea sim, Nintendo & YouTube, Joystiq, Ouya & Alibaba, and Valve's Steam Workshop.


Jan 19, 2015

CheckPoint 177 - Slay Millions of Dragons

Stories on Dragon Age: Inquisition, 3D After Burner 2, WWE Immortals, the Xbox price drop, and a special[…]


Jan 15, 2015

CheckPoint 176 - News Refurbished by GameStop

Stories on GameStop's Xbox refurbishment, League of Legends, The Princess Bride mobile games, Evolve and[…]


Jan 05, 2015

CheckPoint 175 - Metal Gear Chicken

Stories on FarCry, Metal Gear Solid, the 3DRudder, iTunes in the EU, and PS Now.


Dec 31, 2014

CheckPoint 174 - A Final Fantasy "F*** You!"

They're making a new Final Fantasy and it's super different. Plus, you can already overspend on Halo 5,[…]


Dec 24, 2014

CheckPoint 173 - STALKER Returns?

Stories on Master Chief Collection, Bravely Second, Telltale vs Minecraft, Final Fantasy XV and more[…]


Dec 22, 2014

CheckPoint 172 - Legal Blowout, Fellow STALKER

A new STALKER game, only it isn't, is being made by some former STALKER developers, only they aren't. Plus[…]


Dec 16, 2014

CheckPoint 171 - Final Fantasy Cocktease

Stories on Saints Row, PS4 faceplates, TF2 booty shorts, and Final Fantasy?goddamn?7.


Dec 15, 2014

CheckPoint 170 - Dennis Dyack Returns

Stories on Denis Dyack, FF7 G-Bike, and Assassin's Creed Unity (Episode for week of November 3rd, 2014).


Nov 01, 2014

CheckPoint 169 - SimCity Mobile Except Not

EA really doesn't want you to think less of their new mobile SimCity. Stories on a PSN update, an Xbox[…]


Oct 26, 2014

CheckPoint 168 - Be A Bread

The Resident Evil TV series changes hands, Bread finally gets its own game, and the Master Chief Collection[…]


Oct 23, 2014

CheckPoint 167 - Ubi's Insane Resolution Solution

They probably couldn't have stopped it, but if Ubisoft didn't want people to argue, they shouldn't have[…]


Oct 22, 2014

CheckPoint 166 - Call of Marketing

What happens when a Call of Duty executive goes way, WAY off script? Insane things. Also stories on[…]


Oct 07, 2014

CheckPoint 165 - RetroN to the Future

When your product is already in kind of a weird grey area, maybe don't push it? Stories on Hyperkin, Oculus[…]


Sep 24, 2014

CheckPoint 164 - Your Destiny is Menial

The galaxy's greatest warriors are shooting into the darkness.


Sep 17, 2014

CheckPoint 163 - Music for Exposure

Kathleen takes on the solo sliding show with this week's CheckPoint. Stories on Destiny, Peggle, a gold[…]


Sep 10, 2014

CheckPoint 162 - The Perviest VR

The Colonial Marines lawsuit marches on, Disgaea 5 announced, and Tekken Team shows us the weirdest tech[…]


Sep 04, 2014

CheckPoint 161 - Twitchazon

With a last-minute rewrite when the news came, let's look at Amazon buying Twitch. Also, "Fish Plays Street[…]


Aug 26, 2014

CheckPoint 160 - Trademark Trollin'

Kathleen's away another week, but Graham's got your back with all the weirdest gaming news.


Aug 04, 2014

CheckPoint 159 - Get Those Vampires Naked

Graham fills in for two people with stories about Titanfall, GameStop, and a game where you make vampires[…]


Jul 24, 2014

CheckPoint 158 - It Is Your Destiny

A double dose of Destiny news this week, plus info on the Space Invaders movie? which is going to be a thing.


Jul 22, 2014

CheckPoint 157 - Don't Crytek

Crytek UK is falling apart, and it turns out Rebellion is a patent troll.


Jul 02, 2014

CheckPoint 156 - The Most Micro of Transactions

Pools, babies, dungeons... we're just gonna chop your games up into little bitty pieces.


Jun 27, 2014

CheckPoint 155 - Riotous

Stories about a League of Legends scholarship, Riot Games' hiring-and-firing program, and FF8's weird cheat[…]


Jun 19, 2014

CheckPoint 154 - YouTube Gaming

Gaming is a big deal on YouTube... we should get in on that.


Jun 14, 2014

CheckPoint 153 - E3 2014

A summary of the EA and Microsoft pressers (the only ones that had happened at airtime).


Jun 08, 2014

CheckPoint 152 - Bad Ideas

If people would just start using their brains... well, we'd be out of stuff to make fun of.


May 31, 2014

CheckPoint 151 - Into the New World

The World of Warcraft has wrapped. Don't hold your breath.


May 23, 2014

CheckPoint 150 - And On That Bombshell

Interceptor Games debuts a dull thud, while 2K Sports announces the ugliest shoes... in the world.


May 16, 2014

CheckPoint 149 - KickFail

The Outcast KickStarter fails to connect, and Towns just straight gives up. Weird week for potential games.


May 09, 2014

CheckPoint 148 - Infinity Soft

Infinity Ward and Neversoft are sort of joining forces and we don't know how to feel about it.


Apr 22, 2014

CheckPoint 147 - A Successful Rebirth

FFXIV was rescued from people that probably shouldn't have been making it in the first place.


Apr 15, 2014

CheckPoint 146 - Digging for E.T.

Is finding all the discarded copies of E.T. really the result we want?


Apr 02, 2014

Square Enix Finally Listens

In a revelation shocking only themselves, Square realizes it's good at RPGs.


Mar 27, 2014

Simulated Goat

You can be a goat, you can be a bear, you can be anything you want!


Mar 20, 2014

Frog Secrets

The secret is: There's gonna be more frogs.


Mar 17, 2014


Now that we've got the gaming PC fixed for game streaming, the CheckPoint setup took some hits. Hopefully[…]


Feb 25, 2014

3DRealms Flails Wildly

3DRealms doesn't seem to remember where they've left their licenses...


Feb 17, 2014


Enjoy the latest fad on, a real argument for dictatorship.


Feb 11, 2014

A Bit of a Flap

Flappy Bird has flapped away, leaving behind it much wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Feb 03, 2014


What have we learned from KickStarter funded games? How quickly time passes.


Jan 28, 2014

Tales of Troubles

Bamco-Nandai has taken something great, then made it awful and butt.


Jan 21, 2014

Try These Ninten-dos!

Another Bishi Roundup! Sort of. Also, we advise Nintendo.


Jan 14, 2014

Ruining the Magic

CheckPoint Live, now with correct seating orientation! Also, stories about SimCity, Germany and Microsoft.


Jan 07, 2014

So Brave, So Default

The first CheckPoint recorded LIVE was not without its audio errors and awkward pauses, but for being done[…]


Dec 30, 2013

Now We Console The Loser

CheckPoint breaks down the console wars! Who won? Who lost? Who cares!


Dec 23, 2013

EA You're Just OK

This is not a video about the best company in the world, this is just a ribbing.


Dec 16, 2013

Brickbox One

Don't believe everything you read online. Actually, don't believe anything you read online.


Dec 09, 2013

We Must Clone Deeper

Finally, experience the thrill of ripping off the Dutch from the comfort of your own home.


Dec 02, 2013

Angry Birds: Cash!

Rovio's getting serious. Not about racing games, but about in-app purchases.


Nov 25, 2013

MyGM is Best GM

I think NBA 2K14s innovative "not playing basketball at all mode" is finally going to get me to give the[…]


Nov 18, 2013

Sony's Everquest for More Money

Do you like Everquest? Are you a chump? Sony has a proposition for you.


Nov 11, 2013

Not So Free to Play

What makes a good free-to-play game? Apparently, a bad game.


Nov 03, 2013

Attack on Titanfall

Miss the "good old days" of the console wars? No? Well, EA seems to.


Oct 28, 2013

A Torrent of Theft

Have you found a torrent of something that's too good to exist? Leave it alone.


Oct 21, 2013

There's No Mojo Here

Do you need common sense and market research if you have wild, unattainable dreams? Yes Madcatz, you do.


Oct 14, 2013

Just Say No To Mojo

Are you in the market for a luxury Android console? If so, did someone hit you on the head?


Oct 07, 2013

The Longest Half Life

At last, our long nightmare is over. Ha ha, just kidding.

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