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Apr 28, 2019

Ways to Film a Sketch | Loading Time - X Ways to Y

What's it like behind the scenes of a sketch in 2019? Ian, Cameron, Ben, Heather and Kathleen find out!


Apr 14, 2019

The Local Sandwiches | Loading Time - PAX Unplugged 2018

Beej, Cori, Adam, and Alex went to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, and ate all the weird local sandwiches.


May 15, 2010

Loading Time: Who You Gonna Call

Graham and Paul take us through the production of LoadingReadyRun's short, "Who You Gonna Call?"


Jul 02, 2010

Loading Time: Ping Pong Tournament

We've been having a lot of fun with our ping pong table, so we decided to livestream a tournament. Here's a[…]


Apr 16, 2010

Loading Time: PAX East 2010

The iPhone 3Gs has video camera functionality. Don't believe me? Here's proof, from PAX East 2010.


Sep 10, 2010

Loading Time: Garagellenium Challenge

The LRR crew and friends head out for the annual Garagellenium city-wide garage sale. Their goal: to find[…]


Mar 14, 2018

Loading Time Digest — January 2018

Behind the scenes of January, featuring Friday Nights, and LIVE


May 02, 2018

Loading Time Digest – March 2018

Go behind the scenes and watch us hunt for lost costume bits during LoadingReadyLive and film Friday Nights[…]


Apr 11, 2018

Loading Time Digest – February 2018

Behind the scenes of February, featuring Friday Nights, LoadingReady LIVE and some random footage we found[…]


Jan 25, 2018

Loading Time Digest – December 2017

Behind the scenes of December (and a little November), featuring Friday Nights, LIVE, and a bit of Dice[…]


May 30, 2018

Loading Time Digest – April 2018

In a month interrupted by PAX, we still found time to film behind the scenes of LoadingReadyLive.


Oct 01, 2018

Loading Time Digest - Summer 2018

Behind the scenes during June & July 2018... but not August. August knows what it did.


Oct 06, 2016

Loading Time Digest - September 2016

We got to an island, and to PAX, and to a very weird place (conversationally).


Oct 22, 2015

Loading Time Digest - September 2015

Behind the scenes of the busy, busy month of September!


Nov 24, 2017

Loading Time Digest - October 2017

It's a very LoadingReadyRun October, as we do Thanksgiving and Halloween themed episodes of[…]


Nov 25, 2016

Loading Time Digest - October 2016

Crapshots, LoadingReadyLIVE, and more Crapshots!


Nov 30, 2015

Loading Time Digest - October 2015

The ongoing goings-on during our October!


Dec 25, 2016

Loading Time Digest - November 2016

Behind the scenes of everything we did in November... after that whole Desert Bus thing wrapped up.


Sep 29, 2017

Loading Time Digest - Moonbase Moving Special

Behind the scenes from July to September, all about moving!


Sep 08, 2018

Loading Time Digest - May 2018

We did a whole heckuva a lot of stuff in May. Here is some of it!


Jun 05, 2017

Loading Time Digest - May 2017

Behinds of the comedies and tragedies of May 2017. Mostly just the one tragedy, Alex's wrist.


Jun 23, 2016

Loading Time Digest - May 2016

Behind the scenes of May at LoadingReadyRun, including planning for LoadingReadyLIVE, and the first couple[…]


Jun 09, 2015

Loading Time Digest - May 2015

Brought to you BY YOU?and edited by Ian?we bring you basically everything we got up during the month of May.


Apr 24, 2017

Loading Time Digest - March 2017

Behind the making of LoadingReadyLIVE and a bunch of Crapshots!


May 03, 2016

Loading Time Digest - March 2016

Behind-the-scenes of our March, including some April Crapshots, and the newest episode of commodoreHUSTLE!


Jul 21, 2016

Loading Time Digest - June 2016

Watching us put together two episode of LoadingReadyLIVE, make improvements to Studio A, and eat ice cream.


Jul 23, 2015

Loading Time Digest - June 2015

Brought to you BY YOU -- Like sands through the hour glass, so our the days of our lives... In June. This[…]


Aug 14, 2017

Loading Time Digest - July 2017

A look at Commodore Hustle, behind the scenes of Friday nights and the making of green screen kaiju panic!


Aug 19, 2015

Loading Time Digest - July 2015

The goings-on for July, featuring a big ol' gap where Graham and Kathleen were in Japan, and our appearance[…]


Mar 16, 2017

Loading Time Digest - January 2017

Behind the scenes of LRR's January!


Mar 02, 2016

Loading Time Digest - January 2016

Behind the scenes of our January, here are Moonbase Delta.


Mar 21, 2017

Loading Time Digest - February 2017

Behind the scenes of LRR's February, including the shoot for The American Dream.


Mar 28, 2016

Loading Time Digest - February 2016

A slower month, but still plenty going on at the Moonbase, and at MAGfest!


Jan 17, 2017

Loading Time Digest - December 2016

Behind the scenes of commodoreHUSTLE, and a Crapshot that goes into THE BONE ZONE.


Feb 04, 2016

Loading Time Digest - December 2015

Behind the scenes of our December, most of which is the Moonbase move!


Sep 21, 2016

Loading Time Digest - August 2016

We shoot Friday Nights and bob for produce in this month's LT Digest!


Sep 10, 2015

Loading Time Digest - August 2015

See us build Cameron's booster pack suit, film on-locationa at Pro Tour Vancouver, and shoot many Craps.


May 29, 2017

Loading Time Digest - April 2017

We do a bunch of weird stuff... apply your April Hugs in this episode of Loading Time.


Jun 06, 2016

Loading Time Digest - April 2016

Behind the scenes of April 2016, including Crapshots, Friday Nights, and PAX East!


Nov 10, 2008

Loading Time 05 - RapStar64K

Behind the scenes of the season finale, featuring Matt rapping and a cast of costumes.


Oct 30, 2008

Loading Time 04D - Screening

The fourth part of the LRR screening: The Crew gets ambushed by the fan awards, and Tim hosts LRR Trivia.


Oct 29, 2008

Loading Time 04C - Screening

The third part of the LRR screening: More questions and an impromptu performance from Graham and Andy.


Oct 26, 2008

Loading Time 04B - Screening

The second part of the LRR screening: The crew answers questions form the audience.


Oct 24, 2008

Loading Time 04A - Screening

For those who couldn't attend the screening, we present the first part of the LRR Q&A: The 2008 LRR[…]


Sep 04, 2008

Loading Time 03 - All The Little People

Were there really any little people? And if so, how little? These questions and more, not answered in this[…]


Sep 01, 2008

Loading Time 02D - PAX 2008

Verdict: huge success!


Aug 31, 2008

Loading Time 02C - PAX 2008

The convention continues with the wonder of Saturday and LRR get together.


Aug 30, 2008

Loading Time 02B - PAX 2008

The first day of the convention brings awesomeness and excellence.


Aug 29, 2008

Loading Time 02A - PAX 2008

The Crew travels to Seattle in preparation for PAX 2008. Hilarity ensues.


Jul 31, 2008

Loading Time 01 - Emergency Situation

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of the latest LRR video... and then hide.


Apr 18, 2013

Loading Time - Yes Man

Behind the scenes of the planning and filming of LRR sketch, "Yes Man".


Aug 27, 2013

Loading Time - Xannathor

Behind the dog-ridden scenes of Xannathor. Don't forget, the H is silent.


Aug 30, 2012

Loading Time - X Ways to PAX

Behind the scenes of Ways to Prepare for PAX.


Jun 06, 2013

Loading Time - X Ways to Fridge

A brief behind-the-scenes look at Ways to Make Money, and then, the dark tale of LRR's fridge... watch if[…]


Aug 16, 2012

Loading Time - Woodsmanship

Behind the scenes of LRR sketch Scout's Honor.


Mar 05, 2010

Loading Time - Wireless

Go behind the scenes of the shoot for "Wireless".


Jul 31, 2014

Loading Time - Whole Story Football

When we keep forgetting critical gear, we have to amuse ourselves. This isn't so much about shooting the[…]


Feb 06, 2014

Loading Time - Ways to Waste the KS Money

Behind the many varied scenes of our first Season 11 sketch.


Jun 16, 2014

Loading Time - Ways to Get Video Ideas

Behind the scenes of our recent X2Y video, Ways to Get Video Ideas.


Nov 07, 2014

Loading Time - Ways to Avoid Surveillance

Go behind the scenes of Ways to Avoid Surveillance, to follow one sketch troupe's quest for astroturf.

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