In the Moonbase, nobody can hear you scream
March 24th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Monday is here, and that means a whole swack of LRR content!

You want videos, oh man, we got videos. You don’t want videos? Well, you’re on the website of an internet video comedy troupe, so I’m not really sure what you were expecting… We have a forum, but that’s hardly unique. There is a surprisingly robust collection of Kate Middleton GIFs if that’s your thing. There’s also a non-zero amount of sarcastic blog posts which (as we are all aware) are rare and special internet flowers, famous for both their incredible uniqueness and breathtaking use of run-on sentences.

Anyhow, videos! This week’s LRR video is The File! Inspired by my own harrowing brush with acute coryzathe file features most of your favourite CommodoreHustle characters doing various humorous things, including what I feel is my trademark writing contribution, gratuitous nudity.  The File also fulfills Cam’s commando fantasies, so if any of you also had those fantasies* I’m sure you find this video doubly enjoyable.

This week on Unskippable, Graham and Paul riff on Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. It’s direct sequel to the original Disgaea game, which makes it different from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, even though they are both technically Disgaea 2… I fully admit we got that mixed up, but honestly Nippon Ichi, if you didn’t want your games mixed up, maybe you should have come up with a consistent numbering system and stuck to it.

Finally, there’s a new Friday Nights! In Darkness, the whole crew gets together for a draft, only to have an annoying sitcom trope interrupt their plans! What will they get up to? If you guess hijinks, you’re right! Fun fact, I set the ends of my hair on fire while we were filming this video. Truly, I sacrifice greatly in the name of comedy.


*Fantasies of Cam doing commando stuff that is. If your fantasy is for you to do commando stuff, I can’t really help. Have you tried paintballing?

Tell me about the time you met Lars Gerhardt
March 17th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

This week we seem to have created a new LRR meme. If you’ve seen this weeks video, I’m sure you know what it is. If not, maybe watch it. But, I assure you, I’m doing great. Everything is peachy. Wonderful. Neat. Splendid even. Everything is fine.

Meanwhile on Unskippable, poor Michael, one of the GTA 5 protagonists is not fine. You might even say he’s having a mid-life crisis. Things just aren’t going well for him at all. But you know what’s amazing? That Graham and Paul missed a chance to make a Tangerine Dream joke in Unskippable!!!! Nevermind that I would have been the only person to laugh at it. I would have found it really funny. Oh well. It’s FINE.

In other news, last week’s CheckPoint+ Upsample Fall is finally online after a bit of a program-switch induced delay. Remember, when you’re releasing a bit, next gen game, it’s not the resolution that matters, except that many people will get mad at you because resolution is actually the most important thing in games ever.

Batman: High Res City
March 10th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Monday (Tuesday in some parts of the world) everyone! This week’s LoadingReady Run videos are coming to you in glorious high(ish) definition!

But seriously, MY GOODNESS, nothing compares to the incredible cinema experience of The IMAX Experience. The exuberant surcharge is practically nothing compared to the added benefit I get from having the many extra pixels my eyesight is not actually fine enough to distinguish beamed into my optic nerves.

Of course, if you’re looking for truly a truly interactive experience, you can’t get more interactive than watching two other dudes play a game with a silly cutscene! (You can actually, but shhhhh!) This week on Unskippable, Graham and Paul riff on Arkham City, the game that proves that Bruce Wayne is a huge narcissist, and he has to make everything about him, even a poorly thought out civic crime prevention plan.


Dark Magics, wet memories, clean office!
March 3rd, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! It’s Monday! Graham is sick! I am getting sick! Winter still grinds on in pretty much the entire Northern Hemisphere. Scary world events are happening. BUT! BUT! BUT! There are are new LRR videos. YAH!

First up, we have A Fortunate Teller. Forget what you think you know about Magical Girl and mystical old ladies… This is the real deal!

This week on Unskippable, the future of Entertainment is here with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Unfortunately, it looks kinda like the present of walking around in an office. BOO.

Also, have you been watching the new season of Crapshots? They’re all here, online for your viewing pleasure! They go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the LRR YouTube channel. Check out the latest one, The Clean Office.

Finally, sorry to everyone, but CheckPoint+ is cancelled this week due to Graham being hella sick. GPLP will still be on today, but it’ll be more “Paul” and much less (ie, none) of Graham. If really need your CheckPoint fix, you can find previous episodes on our YouTube channel

Heroically Stupid
February 26th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

It’s almost Born of the Gods game day, and that means the latest episode of Friday Nights: Hero’s Path is up. In The Ordeal, Alex tries to improve the mechanics of Born of the Gods, and Kathleen (despite her aversion to green) goes lone wolf! Will her gamble pay off? We’ll have to wait until Born into Nyx to find out!

If you missed the previous Hero’s Path episodes of Friday Nights, you can find them in our video archives and on the official WizardsMTG YouTube channel.

Also updating today is CheckPoint+. This week’s episode is 3D Realms Flails Wildly. Turns out 3D Realms aren’t just bad at making video games. They’re also bad at understanding contracts, the law, legal precedent… that sort of thing.

Remember, if you like CheckPoint, you can see us do it live every week on our Twitch channel! The show starts at 2 pm Pacific/5 pm Eastern/10 pm UK and 9 am AEST every week.

Also this week, Feed Dump! Kathleen returns to the couch in Thy Name is Dick Pic, and she’s got two new (to Feed Dump) co-hosts! Long-time LRR fans may recognize these dumpers! Can you name them?