Upcoming LRR Events!
January 28th, 2016

Posted by Paul


PAX South, January 29-31
It may be almost on top of us, but some of the crew will be appearing at PAX South!
Graham, James, Alex, and Cameron will be in San Antonio all weekend, so come by our table in Bandland to say hi!

Panels we’re on:

The LoadingReadyRun Panel – Friday, 4:30PM, Armadillo Theatre
Join us for entertaining words, and answering your questions!

Scared Yet: A Discussion of Horror Games – Saturday, 5:30PM, Bobcat Theatre
Alex joins Kris Straub, Dabe Alan, and Brandon Rym DeCoster to discuss horror video games… a topic on which Alex has strong opinions.

PA and Friends Play Drawful – Sunday, 11:00AM, Main Theatre
Graham and Alex join Scott Kurtz and Katie Rice to play a very public game of Drawful, and it’s going to be delightful.

grand-prix-vancouver-whiteGP Vancouver, The Same Weekend as PAX South
“Are you guys going to be at GP Vancouver?”

We’ve been asked that a lot, and any other weekend, we would be! But you’ll note that it’s the same weekend as PAX South, so most of us aren’t able to attend.

Our Vancouver friends, Jeremy and Matt, are planning to attend—as are Serge, Nelson, and a bunch of other local players/Friday Nights regulars—so say hi if you see them!

MAGfest, February 18-21
After a multi-year absence, LoadingReadyRun returns to MAGfest! Graham, Beej, and Ian are heading to Maryland, and they’re bring the Late Night Dub Fight with them!

The LoadingReadyRun Panel – Schedule TBA
Join Graham, Beej, and Ian as they fill an hour by answering your questions and going off on tangents.

Late Night Dub Fight – Schedule TBA
Dubmaster Ian brings his melange of bizarre movie and anime clips, and it’s up to Graham, Beej, and some special guests (to be announced) to provide new dialogue and sound effects.

Hope we get to see you at one of these conventions!

Bill Watt 1983-2016
January 19th, 2016

Posted by Graham


We lost a great friend today. This morning, Bill Watt was released from his long fight with Huntington’s Disease.

Most of you weren’t aware that he had been suffering with this disease—the same that claimed the lives of his father and sister. He didn’t like to talk about it, so we generally kept the specifics vague, but Bill’s condition had been worsening for several years. Even so, his passing came as a surprise to us, and one we weren’t yet prepared for.

As Kate “Bill’s Mom” Watt has shared in her many Desert Bus stories, a lot of LRR’s early bonding happened in Bill’s basement during high school. Games of D&D with Bill guiding us through Temple of Elemental Evil, or just hanging out playing Goldeneye, our weekends were spent at Bill’s, sleeping poorly and eating horribly.


In LoadingReadyRun, Bill was part of the early cast—sometimes against his wishes—eventually becoming a key member of “The LRR Crew” following our live sketch show in the Victoria Fringe. A 6’11” redhead isn’t your typical sketch comedian, but Bill got more and more comfortable in front of a camera, and even after stepping back from LRR, continued to put up memorable driving shifts at Desert Buses 1-7. I know he’d want us to remind you of his perfect “0 Crashes” record at DB5.

Bill never wanted us to treat him any differently, he didn’t want to be remembered as a man fighting Huntington’s. So we won’t—we will remember Bill as the hilarious, clumsy, stubborn asshole we’ve always loved. We miss him.


If you’re interested, here’s a selection of Bill-centric videos:

The Gay Chicken

Bill’s Revenge

Small Time

Small Time 2

I SAW What You Did There

Return of the Bill

LRR Load-Bearing Gratitude Wall
December 8th, 2015

Posted by Paul

Hey Everyone! As you may have heard, LRR is going to be moving to a new office in January. The new office, dubbed The LRR Orbiting Underground Moonbase Delta is going to be bigger, nicer and have much more room for activities, such as AFK streaming. Our ability to make this move is due in no small part to our amazing Patreon contributors and so we wanted to show our appreciation by immortalizing our more generous supporters on what we are calling the LoadingReadyRun Load-Bearing Gratitude Wall.

Anyone who has supported the LRR Patreon for at least $150 in total by February 2016 will be included on the wall and their names will be remembered for all time (or at least until the Moonbase is destroyed by rampaging moon monsters). Incidentally, if you have pledged at least $10/month to the patreon since we started it in December 2014, you don’t have to do anything. You will have pledged a total of $150 by February 2016 and therefore be automatically included.


Note: When we made this plan, we assumed that your total contributions to a patreon campaign would be easily viewable on your user page. Sadly, it turns out that you have to add the months up manually. For your convenience, I have made a little bookmarklet that will automatically add up your contributions to all the patreon campaigns that you support. You can read more about it and get it from my blog: Patreon Pledge Totals

Desert Bus 9!!
November 12th, 2015

Posted by Paul

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time again! Time for the 9th annual Desert Bus for Hope video game marathon in support of Child’s Play. What is the Desert Bus for Hope, you ask? Well, you may have noticed that the LoadingReadyLive streaming schedule is looking a little sparse for the next week. That isn’t because we are slacking off, it is because, starting on Saturday we will be broadcasting 24 hours a day and playing the worst game ever made, Desert Bus. How long will we  be doing that for? Well, that is up to you. We are raising money for the awesome charity, Child’s Play and the more money we raise, the longer we will go for! The first hour is only $1 and every additional hour cost 7% more than the one before. As of right now, we have already raised $4,498.58 and will be streaming for 85 hours! 

The real fun part is that the Desert Bus game is so boring and terrible that we have to do other stuff to keep ourselves busy and to encourage people to watch and donate. We sing and dance, read stories, do skits, play games and generally do whatever you tell us to for almost a whole week. Even better, we have a ton of ridiculously amazing, one of a kind, prizes, giveaways and auction items for you to drool over and maybe even win for yourself!

Check out this video for more info:

And go to desertbus.org or twitch.tv/desertbus starting on November 14 @ 10:00am PST

Two Quick Updates!
October 19th, 2015

Posted by Graham

Hello all!

We know you’re excitedly waiting for the September episode of the Loading Time Digest. Unfortunately, due to editor Ray having a difficult month, and there being a lot of footage, it’s been taking us longer than usual. Ray and Ian are both tag-teaming the edit, and we expect it to be out this week. We are not expecting October’s episode to be equally delayed.

Additionally, anyone waiting on their pre-order of the Smash Cut to Bleached-White Skeleton shirts, our huge apologies that they have been so delayed. We encountered production delays on both the shirts and the Smash the State stickers, which we certainly hadn’t expected. The shirts are printed—sitting at the warehouse—and the stickers should arrive any day. Once the stickers arrive, the warehouse is ready to start firing those shirts out to you. Sorry again for the delay!