You asked, we delivered! LRR-themed sleeves and playmats!
February 10th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

As you are probably aware, we play… a lot of Magic. And if you play Magic, you’re probably wondering why we haven’t offered any of our own Magic inspired merchandise. But wonder no more! After a bunch of testing and samples, we are thrilled to finally offer LRR playmats and card sleeves for sale!

If you’re looking for a classy playmat, we have you(r table) covered. Choose from either a simple LRR logo design, or the OCD special ‘Diagram’ version.

These are the same quality of playmat you’d find in your local game shop! This is a standard mat that measures 60 cm wide x 35 cm high (23.5 wide x 13.75 inches). Both playmats clock in at a cushiony 3mm thick.

But of course, if you want to protect your cards with a playmat, you’ll also want sleeves right? We have those! These high quality sleeves (we tested them a bunch before we were willing to sell them) come in a universally applicable “I Think We’re Just Dead Here” design. Please note, these sleeves come in bundles of 200 – that’s enough for two commander decks, three standard decks, five draft decks or half a cube!

You can also order a combo playmat and sleeve pack that comes with the playmat of your choice and 100 sleeves! All available in the LRR Store!




Giving it
July 10th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Morgan’s back in this week’s LRR episode, which you should go watch right away if you haven’t already!

LoadingReadyRun: Giving It
Unskippable: Ninja Gaiden 3
Checkpoint: Assassin’s Editions
Feed Dump: Girls Dump
Loading Time: GP Vancouver
GPLP – Cursed Crusade: (PT9)

This particular video was filmed last Friday at James’ condo, which you may recognize from a few of our other sketches. It’s becoming ever more commonly used as a location, and we’re always happy to add a little variety to our regular rotation.

Graham Gave me a little blurb for this update, because I wasn’t around for the shoot on account of my day job. I’ve included his thoughts below:

This video was born out of an amusing conversation, inspired by an annoying quirk. It’s not common, but occasionally when someone makes a clear statement along the lines of, “I don’t like salami,” someone will respond, accusatorially, with, “Or DO you?!”

Imagine if you will, someone (I don’t recall who) saying, “I don’t give a shit,” and getting the response, “Or DO you?!”

This morphed into a conversation of how many shits one has to give in a day, and the conservation of shit-giving, and we realized there should be a video about someone who has made this their university thesis. I spun it out into this bizarre conversation, and here we are. Kathleen suggested Morgan should play Tristan, which was a smart choice. It’s nice to see him back in a video.

Bonus points for catching the two LRR inside references. One is more obvious than the other.

As a final note, I’d like to thank everyone who came out (to Xbox Live) and joined us for the Magic 2013 Game with Fame event. We had an absolute blast playing with you, and we hope you had a great time too!

‘Til next week!

Game With Fame – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
July 5th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Well, I know I said that it would be a “final reminder” when I made note of this in Monday’s blog post, but I lied.

Tomorrow, that’s July 6th, 2012, at 6PM Pacific time, the LoadingReadyRun crew is going to be sitting down on our respective couches, Xbox 360 controllers in hand, and firing up some Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. We’re going to need some people to battle against, too, so we’d like it very much if you joined us!

Here’s what you need to do to take part:

Show up (on Xbox Live) a little before 6PM, and have DotP 2013 downloaded and ready to play on your console. Once the event has started, all you need to do is either send a friend request or a game invite to any of the gamertags noted below, and wait for us to accept. We’ll be getting as many games in as we can, so don’t fret if we can’t accept right away!

The gamertags you’ll want to remember are:

Graham LRR
Matt LRR

We’re really looking forward to playing with you, so come on out and duel!

See you Friday!

Ways to Spend Your Summer
July 3rd, 2012

Posted by Matt

Ah, summer. That time of year when school is out, and playtime is in. Are you looking for ideas on how you can spend some time now that the sun is out and the weather is warm? We’ve got some ideas for you!

LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Spend Your Summer
Unskippable: NeverDead
Checkpoint: DOA Flashback
Feed Dump: French Fry Attack!
Loading Time: Behind the Green Screen

Filmed (in the majority) while Graham and Kathleen were out of town on Saturday, this video was primarily a James, Paul, and Matt production. The big prop in this one was the watermelon, which we procured from a local Thrifty’s grocery store. James and Paul were quite impressed with the fact that I managed to so perfectly extract a slice from the side of the melon without otherwise compromising the integrity of the rind, but I didn’t really think it was such a big deal. Is this a thing people normally have problems with? Have I discovered my super-power at last? In other notes, wearing my ski clothes was hot as hell, and I actually just stepped into the shower with my clothes on for the “Bathe in sweat” segment.

One final reminder (because it’s coming up on Friday) that the LRR crew will be playing in the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 ‘Game With Fame’ event this week. We’d really like to see you all come out and play. the crew has been practising all week, and we’re sure it’ll be a blast for all involved. Check out the details here.

Cheers ’til then!

Mustache You A Question
June 27th, 2012

Posted by Matt

Well, it’s Wednesday as I’m writing this blog post, and that means I didn’t manage to get it online quite as quickly as I would have liked. Let me assure you though that it had nothing at all to do with being hung up on Reddit yesterday afternoon.

commodoreHUSTLE: Mustache You A Question
Unskippable: White Knight Chronicles II, Part 2
Checkpoint: Til Ring Out Do Us Part
Feed Dump: Spears & Spume
Loading Time: CPC Golf
GPLP: Cursed Crusade (PT8)

Like most of our commodoreHUSLE episodes, this one holds a grain of truth – or rather two grains of truth, as there are concurrent story-lines occurring in this episode. The first is that James looks badass in a moustache. This comes up basically every time James plays any character that needs one. A good Burt Reynolds style soup strainer gives James an air of authority that he just doesn’t exude when his face goes bald.

The other major story-line in this episode as to do with the crew being unable to concentrate on filming because we’re looking at Reddit on our phones. This is basically a real thing that happens. It’s not even actually a joke. I think the writing of this episode may have been an attempt at catharsis. Of course, then we went to film this the day after we all got hooked on NimbleBit’s new game Pocket Planes, and- let’s just say, in basically every scene where I’m playing with my phone, I’m actually just playing with my phone.

I was method acting or something.

One last announcement before I sign off: on July 6th at 6PM Pacific, LoadingReadyRun will be participating in the XBox Live “Game With Fame” event promoting the launch of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. Details can be found here. We had a blast when we did this for Duels 2012, so we do hope you’ll come out and play with us again!