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Jan 10, 2015

Loading Time - Math of the Montage

Behind the 1980s-inspired Math of the Montage.


Mar 01, 2012

Loading Time - Mean Greens

Behind the scenes of the asparagus-focussed sketch Spare Us, Gus. Read Kathleen's article here!


May 17, 2012

Loading Time - Microwaves

Behind the scenes of Fun with Microwaves 3. Read the article here!


Jun 16, 2009

Loading Time - Moonbase 2.0

Behind the scenes during the renovation of LRR Moonbase Mk2.


Mar 30, 2010

Loading Time - Moving the Moonbase

We're all moved in at the orbiting underground Moonbase Mk. III.


Sep 24, 2013

Loading Time - Munro's Meats

Behind the scenes of Munro's Meats!


Dec 09, 2013

Loading Time - Murdercide

Behind the scenes of the LRR Halloween special, the trailer for Murdercide!


Aug 23, 2012

Loading Time - Oily

Behind the scenes of LRR sketch, Snake Oil. Read the article here!


Jul 23, 2013

Loading Time - Open and Shut

Behind the scenes of the wide-open relationship from Open and Shut.


Jan 03, 2019

Loading Time - PAX Australia Part One

Part 1 of the "Squad Vlog" for our PAX Australia adventures! Join us on planes, at brunch, or when we go to[…]


Mar 01, 2019

Loading Time - PAX Australia Part Three

In the last part of the PAX Aus Squad Vlog, we make use of our last day in Australia to revisit the[…]


Jan 26, 2019

Loading Time - PAX Australia Part Two

"Squad Vlog" Part Deux, this time featuring A L L of PAX Aus and the wonderful people we met during the[…]


Apr 19, 2012

Loading Time - PAX East 2012

The LRR crew makes their annual pilgrimage to Boston for PAX East. Witness the madness. Read the article[…]


Apr 17, 2013

Loading Time - PAX East 2013

A little look into some of what we did at PAX East this year. Don't forget to check out our other panel[…]


Oct 04, 2012

Loading Time - PAX Prime 2012

Beyond KSSK and MtG, the general goings-on of LRR at the Penny Arcade Expo.


Sep 13, 2013

Loading Time - PAX Prime 2013

The sights and sounds of LRR at PAX Prime 2013. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi!


Apr 13, 2012

Loading Time - Pile of Zunes

Behind the scenes of The 720th Degree. Watch us build a Zune-box from tapes! And read this article on The[…]


Jun 25, 2013

Loading Time - PlaceholderURL

Behind the scenes of, featuring Alex's GoPro experimenting.


Jul 19, 2012

Loading Time - Pocket Planes

Behind the scenes of the animated episode based on Pocket Planes.


Dec 13, 2013

Loading Time - Pokeproblem

Behind the scenes of the Pokemon extravaganza, Pokeproblem! Sunkern!


Oct 28, 2015

Loading Time - Professional Stabbists

Behind the scenes of the sketch, Professional Stabbists.


Feb 25, 2012

Loading Time - Pros at Cons

The goings on at LRR's recent panel visits to Gottacon and Tsukino-Con in Victoria, BC. Read Kathleen's[…]


Oct 15, 2014

Loading Time - Punchr

When you need a fake KickStarter video for a fake app? this is how to do it. Behind the scenes of Punchr.


Sep 06, 2012

Loading Time - Put it on McDebit

Behind the steamy scenes of Seth McDebit, Combat Accountant.


Jan 03, 2013

Loading Time - Rapidfire 3-03

Behind the scenes of the rest of Rapidfire Series 3!


Mar 24, 2019

Loading Time - Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease

Behind the scenes of the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease!


Sep 13, 2014

Loading Time - Self Driving Car

Behind the scenes of Google's Self Driving Car Original video here:[…]


Jun 15, 2010

Loading Time - Shirt Printing

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the silk-screening process for LoadingReadyRun t-shirts. Thank you to[…]


Feb 23, 2011

Loading TIme - Shirt Shipping

The LRR Crew shows you the in-depth process behind getting their t-shirts to you. They take great care,[…]


Feb 09, 2012

Loading Time - Shit Saying

Behind the scenes look at Shit People Say


Dec 13, 2018

Loading Time - SHUX 2018

Beej, Ian and Kathleen head to Vancouver for the 2018 Shut Up, Sit Down Expo, but will they get back home?


Oct 24, 2015

Loading Time - Social Anxiety Fear Factor

Behind the scenes of sketch, Social Anxiety Fear Factor.


Feb 02, 2015

Loading Time - Sorry to Interrupt

Behind the scenes of Sorry to Interrupt.


May 16, 2013

Loading Time - SPRING!

Behind the scenes of multi-location shoot for SPRING!


Mar 13, 2015

Loading Time - Staggeringly Fast Loans

Behind the scenes of Staggeringly Fast Loans!


Apr 26, 2012

Loading Time - Standing Guard

Behind the scenes of the oft-interrupted shoot for En Garde. Read the article here.


Jun 26, 2014

Loading Time - Streaming Office

Behind the renovation of the shipping office into the home of LoadingReadyLive!


Mar 10, 2019

Loading Time - Studio B Reno

Behind the scenes of the studio B renovations. Watch James and Beej touch wood together.


Nov 03, 2015

Loading Time - Superficial Intelligence

Behind the scenes of sketch, Superficial Intelligence.


Mar 15, 2012

Loading Time - Taxes Are Taxing

Behind the scenes of Ways to Do Your Taxes. Check out the article here.


May 30, 2013

Loading Time - Terrible Choice

On a rooftop, in the city... behind the scenes of Meatfist's Terrible Choice.


Mar 07, 2013

Loading Time - That's No Moon

Behind the scenes of the chilly, late-night shoot for That's No Moon


Feb 16, 2012

Loading Time - The Banshee Wails

Behind the scenes of The Break, and all its fog.


Jul 06, 2013

Loading Time - The Canadian

Behind the patriotic, and overly-warm, scenes of "The Canadian". Watch it here:[…]


Jul 24, 2013

Loading Time - The Couch

An epic Loading Time for the epic all-day shoot for The Couch.


Apr 20, 2014

Loading Time - The File [cH]

Behind the pants-less scenes of commodoreHUSTLE episode, The File.


Aug 20, 2013

Loading Time - The Fountain

Behind the many scenes and multiple locations of The Fountain!


Jun 01, 2014

Loading Time - The Gatekeeper

We'll allow you to look behind the scenes of The Gatekeeper.


Oct 24, 2013

Loading Time - The Hero We Deserve

Behind the scenes of The Hero We Deserve!


Jan 17, 2013

Loading Time - The NASA Conspiracy

Behind the scenes of the sketch The NASA Conspiracy, featuring much set dressing and body dressing.


Mar 20, 2014

Loading Time - The New Chess

Behind the scenes of The New Chess. There's more going on than you might think for a green screen video![…]


May 20, 2014

Loading Time - The New Old Thing

It's everything but the penny farthing, and a deep look at Graham's old floppy disks. Behind the scenes of[…]


Nov 01, 2015

Loading Time - The New X Games

Behind the scenes of sketch, The New X Games.


Feb 07, 2013

Loading Time - The Spoils

Behind the scenes of our Gatecrash spoiler video, and upgrading our fancy new computer. Just a slice of[…]


Jan 10, 2013

Loading Time - The Thrill of Writing Resolutions!

Ever want to see what happens when we film an episode of Commodore Hustle? Well this week's Loading Time[…]


Mar 04, 2014

Loading Time - The Warriors Return

Behind the scenes of The Warriors Return, featuring everyone's favourite demi-demons, the Warriors of[…]


Apr 03, 2013

Loading Time - The Whole Story, Pants

Behind the smoothly-walking scenes of the steadicam-shot The Whole Story: Pants.


Mar 28, 2013

Loading Time - Theatre of the Mind

A brief look into the shoot for Theatre of the Mind!


Jan 12, 2014

Loading Time - Twenty-Thirteen

Graham and Jer go back into the booth for 64K's comeback, Twenty-Thirteen!


Nov 07, 2014

Loading Time - Ways to Avoid Surveillance

Go behind the scenes of Ways to Avoid Surveillance, to follow one sketch troupe's quest for astroturf.

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